3 Myths about the Domain Name System

The computers and other devices work well with numbers than words. Human beings can remember words better. It is for this reason why there was the introduction of the domain names. These names are easy to remember and type which makes it possible for the customers to find specific websites quickly. And because you have to use a device to enter the name in the browser, the DNS is essential. It locates the IP address and directs customers to the proper website within a second. Thus, you need to look for an excellent server. However, some myths can make you choose a wrong system which will lower the functionality of your site. Here are the myths that you need to be aware of:

With the right DNS server, you don’t have to include the security features

Many online businesses fail to succeed because of the lack of security features. The hackers are idle and would spend most of their time on the internet trying to destroy all the insecure websites. Thus, security should be your number one factor to consider when starting an e-commerce website. However, many retailers make a mistake of failing to include this feature. They believe that with the DNS server, they will get a high level of security. They forget that the work of the server is to enhance the security. Hence, you need to have features like the SSL to prevent hackers from accessing your business information.

With a reliable DNS server, you don’t need to have a domain name

This myth can make you lack customers to purchase your products. A domain name explains more about who you are and what you offer. It is simple to read and also remember. Without it, customers will have to memorize the IP address. The retailers misunderstand the meaning of the DNS. It is a system that translates different web names to their respective IP address. Therefore, you need to come up withan excellent name for your website. With this, customers will find you with ease, and you will increase sales.

Cheap DNS servers offer few services

Many retailers believe that cheap things are expensive. They, therefore, end up selecting the costly DNS server. However, being expensive doesn’t mean that they will offer high quality and better services. There are free and cheap serverswhich will enhance the functionality of your site. Thus, if you want to be in front of your competitors, you need to consider the services that the provider has but not the price.

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