4 Secrets of Enhancing Your Site DNS Performance

In this era, the internet is allowing both the computers, mobile, and people to navigate the web with ease. Every website has two names. The first one is the domain name which is easy to remember and type. The other one is the Internet Protocol address. It contains vast numbers which human beings cannot remember with ease. In this case, the DNS comes in. When a customer types the domain name, this system will translate it into the IP address which will direct him/her to your site. Thus, you need to ensure that it functions well. Here are 4 secrets of enhancing your site DNS performance:

Use TTL (Time-to-Live) and web caching

The speed of your e-commerce website matters a lot. The DNS cannot work alone. It requires a TTL to boost its speed. This setting is essential because it will specify how long a resolver will remember the DNS query. The caching will speed up your internet experience which will boost your sales. As you know, a fast loading site leads to a high conversion rate.

Ensure that the server hosting your website is close to your users

Distance has an impact on the loading speed of your website. If you host your site closer to the country of your users, they will easily navigate. Hence, a local server is essential because it will not take forever for your site to load. However, you can decide to use a cloud server which will allow customers to view your business regardless of their location.

Use few domain names

Domain names represent your business. They convey a message to your customers about the products and services you are offering. You can have different names for your websites. However, too many names can have a negative impact. They can lower the loading speed of your site. Thus, you need to reduce them to enhance the performance of your DNS.

Create a responsive website

Use of the mobile device is the modern way of accessing the internet. Because a large number of searches come from the mobile device, you need to go mobile. As you are aware, the DNS translates the web name into the IP address. Because all devices use the address to access the internet, if you create a site that supports various devices, millions of customers will land on your site and make sales.

Wrapping up

You cannot run a business without the DNS. It has an essential role in allowing people and computers to view your site. Thus, you need to enhance its performance for you to stand out from your competitors.