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Comprehensive Guide on Buying a Domain Name

Nowadays business is moving away from the usual brick and mortar to the online arena. People have already changed the way they buy Armed with a smartphone, a person in Canada can buy a product in Singapore without leaving his couch. Such realities have meant that all businesses to venture online. However, to venture online is a process that begins with finding a suitable domain name for your business. Choosing the best domain name for your business will make visitors come back to your website any time they are looking for a service in your niche. This is because they will remember your name easily when they are searching in Google.  In this guide, we shall discuss the process of buying a domain name.

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1. Brainstorm for a perfect domain name

When starting a business, you need to brainstorm to find the perfect domain name for your business. As a guiding principle, the name you choose should be relevant to the kind of business that you want to offer. The name should be memorable. The best way to achieve this is to make your name as short as possible. A closer examination at some of the most successful brands like Kodak, Xerox, Sony, reveals that their names are short.


2. Check availability of your domain name

Having settled on a name for your business doesn’t guarantee that you’ll use it. You have to check whether it is available for registration. If the name is in use by another person, it will mean that you look for another name. There are many tools available online for checking the availability of a domain name. Here are some of the best tools in the market.

3. Domainr-Domain Search Engine

Popularly known as the domain search engine, Domainr is an excellent search that is easy to use even if it’s your first instance searching for a domain name. The search engine is intuitive and very fast. Once you ‘ve settled on an available name, you can go ahead and pick your desired registrar and register your domain name accordingly. Domainr will help you not only to find.COM, .ORG, and .NET domain names but also Country Code top-level domain names.

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4. Domaintyper-Search and Generate Names

Domaintyper is another excellent tool for searching whether your domain name is available. It also comes with many other features the notable one being the web 2.0 domain generator. The names generated can be registered through links to variously available registers thus it’s an efficient tool.

5. Domain Pigeon

This domain generator works differently from other search engines; it generates domain names as well as Twitter names. The tool displays the names in different colors depending on how much times a name has been searched. Hence the darker the color, the more the name has been searched.

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6. Choose your preferred Domain Registrar

Now that your name is available for registration, you can choose to register it using any of the many available registrars. A domain registrar is a company that will register a domain name on your behalf. After registration, you get the full access to the domain. It is important to note that in case you need to register a local domain name, you will have to buy it from a local registrar. Some of the leading domain name registrars include Godaddy, Namecheap, Name.com, Domain.com, and OVH.


A domain name is an essential step in the creation of your online business. You should not take it lightly because it can drastically affect your online business. Try to achieve a short and memorable name. If you want to have a local domain name say from your country, you had better register your domain with a local domain registrar.